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Kns Bake Shoppe 7Smi-71468

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Kns Bake Shoppe 7Smi-71468
  • Kns Bake Shoppe 7Smi-71468
  • Kns Bake Shoppe 7Smi-71468
  • Kns Bake Shoppe 7Smi-71468
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Mix, Mold And Make Your Own Sweet Kinetic Sand Treats With The Bake Shoppe Playset! Kinetic Sand Is The Original Magical, Moldable And Mesmerizing Sand. It Flows Through Your Hands And Never Dries Out So You Can Play Again And Again. The Unique Kinetic Sand Formula Makes It Easy To Create Delicious-Looking Kinetic Sand Cookies And Cupcakes With 16 Included Tools And Molds! Choose From Pink Or Yellow Kinetic Sand, Or Mix Them Together To Make Orange And Use It As Cookie Dough. Roll Out Your Sand With The Sparkly Rolling Pin Tool And Attach A Stamper To Make A Cookie, Or Pack Kinetic Sand Into The Molds To Make Cupcakes! Top Off Your Sweet Treats With The Decoration Accessories Or Add Extra Sand Details Using The Smaller Stampers From The Rolling Pin Handles. Slide Your Creation

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Mix, mold and make your own sweet kinetic sand treats with the bake shoppe playset! kinetic sand is the original magical, moldable and mesmerizing sand. It flows through your hands and never dries out so you can play again and again. The unique kinetic sand formula makes it easy to create delicious-Looking kinetic sand cookies and cupcakes with 16 included tools and molds! choose from pink or yellow kinetic sand, or mix them together to make orange and use it as cookie dough. Roll out your sand with the sparkly rolling pin tool and attach a stamper to make a cookie, or pack kinetic sand into the molds to make cupcakes! top off your sweet treats with the decoration accessories or add extra sand details using the smaller stampers from the rolling pin handles. Slide your creation

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