Brains vs Capital Trade Paperback by Gunter Faltin

Brains vs Capital Trade Paperback by Gunter Faltin
  • Brains vs Capital Trade Paperback by Gunter Faltin
  • Brains vs Capital Trade Paperback by Gunter Faltin
  • Brains vs Capital Trade Paperback by Gunter Faltin
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"Gunter Fatlin, himself a very successful entrepreneur, has written an inspiring book which can act as a guide to all those seeking to make the most of their talents — enabling them to establish their own company." Muhammad Yunus 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Entrepreneurship is not a calling only for the selected few. Creative work and economic self-realization are goals that anyone can pursue. Learn how to create your own "idea-masterpiece" as a collage or puzzle made from existing pieces, and construct your own company from pre-existing components that are freely available to everyone. Brains versus Capital: Entrepreneurship for Everyone opens up many channels of opportunity for many people who never thought that they would start their own company. This book emphasizes knowledge-based start-ups, which offers a crucial difference to classic self-employment and the new technology based start-ups. Günter Faltin has been teaching this approach for decades, and he has applied his theoretical concept with great success to "The Tea Campaign" (Teekampagne), the largest mail-order tea company in Germany. A growing number of companies uses Professor Faltin's principles successfully. Featuring practical examples of successful companies, Günter Faltin shows how anyone can refine an idea to create a new company. By combining components that already exist, a small start-up founder could even challenge the big companies.

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