The Enigma Of Erald Volume 2 Trade Paperback

Author: Akosiibarra
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The Enigma Of Erald Volume 2 Trade Paperback
  • The Enigma Of Erald Volume 2 Trade Paperback
  • The Enigma Of Erald Volume 2 Trade Paperback
  • The Enigma Of Erald Volume 2 Trade Paperback
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The Notorious K-Os Club Will Not Just Stop Causing Trouble On The Campus. But Students Of Clark High Have Nothing To Worry About As The Newly Revived Qed Club Is On The Case! Our Trio—Erald, Charlotte, And Clyde—Vows To Prevent Them From Their Attempts To Create Chaos And Unmask Those Who Are Behind The Rogue Group.
However, It Appears That A Larger Game Is Afoot. An Acquaintance Party Is At The Brink Of Postponement Due To The Threat Of The K-Os Club. A Scandal Is About To Shock The School To The Core. And A Suspected Power Grab Might Change The Course Of The Student Government.
Only The Members Of The Qed Club Can Stop Them. The Question Is, Will They Be Able To Outwit Their Opponents? Or Will They Play Right Into Their Hands?
Amid All These Mysteries And P



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The notorious k-Os club will not just stop causing trouble on the campus. But students of clark high have nothing to worry about as the newly revived qed club is on the case! our trio—Erald, charlotte, and clyde—Vows to prevent them from their attempts to create chaos and unmask those who are behind the rogue group. However, it appears that a larger game is afoot. An acquaintance party is at the brink of postponement due to the threat of the k-Os club. A scandal is about to shock the school to the core. And a suspected power grab might change the course of the student government. Only the members of the qed club can stop them. The question is, will they be able to outwit their opponents? or will they play right into their hands? amid all these mysteries and p

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