Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery

  • The total amount due should be paid exactly and in full in cash only. The courier cannot provide any change nor accept other forms of payment (cheque, gift certificate, etc.)
  • A customer may cancel his/her order or change the shipping address  provided that it has not yet been shipped.
  • Should the customer fail to pay the exact amount and/or present required document, on the confirmed delivery schedule, the order will automatically be cancelled.
  • National Book Store has the right to cancel delivery in case of flood and other natural disasters to ensure the safety of the courier.
  • Please check list of serviceable areas here. Delivery time may take longer to areas not found on the list. Please contact Customer Service Hotline at 8888-NBS(627) for Metro Manila and 1-800-10-8888-NBS(627) for outside Metro Manila.

Credit Card

Bank Deposit

Please deposit within three (3) business days the amount due to any BPI Branch with the following account details:

  • Account Name: National Book Store Inc-Internet Sales
  • Account No.: 0120087231
  • Amount Due: Php xxxx.xx  (amount deposited should be exact as stated)

If you're depositing from a branch outside of Metro Manila, the branch may charge you a transaction fee of Php50.00.

Failure to make your deposit within three (3) business days will mean the cancelation of your order.  After you have made your deposit, please email to [email protected]  and indicate the following details:

  1. Name of Branch (where you made your deposit):
  2. Date of Deposit:
  3. Time of Deposit:
  4. Amount Deposited:

Please keep your deposit slip until such time your order is delivered to your doorstep.  A copy of the deposit slip might be needed just in case a dispute arises prior to shipment.