First To Fall

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First to Fall
By Farrah F. Polestico
Georgina Harrington knew right from the start that she and Matt Bishop were meant for each other. He was The One. Or so she thought, until she caught him making out with his co–worker—on their sofa! Now Georgie has to face the music and start packing her things and look for a new apartment, because she can’t bear to stay in the same roof with a cheating bastard.
And then the newly hired software developer, Atkins Rosenfeld, came strolling into the firm she works at. He had everything a woman would want from a man—angular jaw, day–old stubble, long lashes. What’s not to like? She can’t deny her attraction to him, but is she ready to jump into a new relationship after her last one ended so disastrously?
Meanwhile, Matt comes crawling back to her. Will she forgive him? Was five years of being together that easy to toss to the curb?
Georgie is terrified to entrust her heart to someone again after Matt cheated on her. But deep down she knows she loves Atkins. Just when everything is falling into place Atkins screws up big time and breaks her heart all over again. Will Georgie and Atkins be able to fix it before she finally throws down the towel and turn her back on love?

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ISBN 9786214201129
Book Format Tradepaper
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Length 20.32 cm
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