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About this item

Our lives often seem dictated by the course of a calendar year–the holidays, the school year, the seasons. Every year, we end up with piles of Easter pictures and stacks of Thanksgiving photos. We take the same pictures of fall leaves and snowmen. Year after year, it's the same story. Has this annual routine begun to feel confining? No more! Month–by–Month Scrapbooking is your guide to unlocking the calendar and making it work for you.
Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How Summer feels about taking down holiday decorations(and other ideas for often–neglected photo opportunities).
  • What Tiffany is scared of (along with six different Halloween layouts that aren’t about trick–or–treating).
  • Where Laura thinks she’s going on vacation (and where others actually did go; you’ll also find plenty of ideas for your own vacation albums).
  • What movie Tracey’s family adores(and more ways to document your own treasures).
  • How Amanda spent the month of June each year when she was growing up (as well as snapshots of the rest of her typical year).

Amanda Probst lives in northern Colorado with her fabulously supportive husband and three awesome boys. Her favorite month is November, which means her favorite number is 11. Her favorite layout in this book features 409 photos…yes, really! Amanda’s other favorite layout (she hates picking favorites) is one that features a rare handwritten note from her dad, whom she lost during the writing of this book.

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ISBN 9781933516851
Book Format Tradepaper
Weight 0.9970 kg
Length 26.67 cm
Width 22.098 cm
Height 3.048 cm

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