• Graduate of a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy - CPA.
  • With 2- 5 years of experience and able to work independently in a year.
  • Manage Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Capture All Payments and/or Receipts Transactions
  • Monitor and Update Database Information
  • Prepare Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements
  • Reconcile Ledgers
  • Manage System Interface Exceptions
  • Perform Timely Month-end and Year-end Accounts Closure Process
  • Control Source Document



  • Graduate of a Bachelor's degree, preferably Business Management.
  • With less than 2 years of related experience, job specific knowledge can be learned in months. 
  • Responsible for the daily paperwork needed by the Purchasing Department.
  • Prepares all the paperwork of Purchasing and updates all data into the network system.
  • Performs fieldwork to verify items and activities of competitors in NBS branches including merchandising problems and inquiries.
  • Regularly encodes Purchase Order (P.O.) based on branch requests, allocation, booking and Back-to-School volume orders with the supervision of Buyer.



  • Graduate of a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint). +
  • Responsible for establishing plans in the implementation of effective management of inventories and replenishment to ensure the achievement of the Company's volume objectives at the optimum stock level in Warehouse and in branches.
  • Analytical, Judgment and Problem-Solving skills.



  • Graduate of a Bachelor's degree, preferably Business related courses.
  • With 2- 5 years of experience and able to work independently in a year as a buyer.
  • Strong analytical skills and forecasting ability (quantitative and qualitative).
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Excellent organizational, presentation, negotiation and communication skills.
  • Capable of creating and analyzing statistical and financial reports related to merchandise issues.
  • Responsible for providing the appropriate merchandise corresponding to the needs of the market in order to maximize profit sales. This position ensures availability of new and in demand merchandise at the most cost-efficient time.
  • Analyses consumer buying patterns and predicts future trends through continuous research.



  • Candidate must possess a Bachelor's Degree of Science & Technology or equivalent.
  • Experience in Data Management including data maintenance, extraction and analysis.
  • Knowledgeable in using different SAP modules is advantage.
  • Intensive exposure to various Software Applications:
    — MS Office (Word, Powerpoint and Excel with knowledge in excel formulas)
    — OpenOffice
    — Operating System Windows 7/8

Job Functions:

  • Creation of prices, cost adjustments and promo items in the system
  • Creation of Articles (SKU) in the system
  • Attends to inquiries regarding price adjustments, promo items and not found Purchase Orders from Stores and Vendors.
  • Prepare all incident reports to the IT Department such as price/cost discrepancies, Purchase Orders not found, system or hardware problems.
  • Generates SKU listing for reference of vendors for their barcode printing.


COST ACCOUNTANT (5 vacant positions)

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop inventory analysis reports and analyzing variances.
  • Monitor inventory transactions.
  • Reconcile inventory accounts to the general ledger.
  • Prepare monthly journal entries as needed.
  • Coordinate with accounting and other relevant departments to ensure that all product costs are properly taken in the cost of sales and inventory costs.
  • Assist other functional units within the Finance team in carrying out jobs as and when required by the management.

The successful candidate possesses:

  • A minimum of three years' experience as an Inventory or Cost Accountant.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Finance or Accounting required.
  • An understanding of GAAP in relation to inventory.
  • Is flexible and able to work as part of a team.
  • Proficient in MS Excel.
  • SAP experience is an advantage.
  • Preferably possessing a suitable background experience in inventory management in trading.
  • Have a detailed understanding of inventory control systems with a working knowledge of the trading processes.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Fluent in English


INVENTORY ASSISTANT (3 vacant positions)

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepare inventory analysis reports and analyze variances.
  • Monitor inventory transactions.
  • Process the result of the physical count at all stores in SAP.
  • Analyze and process requests for inventory adjustment.
  • Coordinate and monitor cycle counts.
  • Coordinate with warehouse and stores to implement and ensure control system to reduce damage, breakage and inventory obsolescence.
  • Review obsolete/redundant inventory to facilitate their removal from the warehouse and stores.
  • Assist other functional units within the Finance team in carrying out jobs as and when required by the management.



The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of satellite warehouses in Brixton.

  • Graduate of a Bachelor's degree of Industrial Engineering or equivalent.
  • With 2-5 years of experience, able to work independently in a year.
  • Inventory management
  • Leadership skills
  • Planning and organizing
  • Detail oriented
  • Data management and analysis
  • Ability to exercise judgment and make decision
  • Time and Motion
  • Supervises receiving of stocks from different suppliers
  • Ensures that all stocks received from different suppliers are properly labelled and the same are encoded in SWICS
  • Ensures that all dispatched stocks have corresponding Dispatch Schedule and Delivery Receipts
  • Assists in the loading of stocks to assigned delivery van, makes sure that stocks being loaded corresponds to what is written in the Dispatch Schedule, and the same is being acknowledged by the assigned driver/helper and is being confirmed by the guard on-duty and the Branch Manager or Warehouse Supervisor.
  • Coordinates with the branch and/or Central Warehouse Dispatch Supervisor on van allocation for stocks delivery of requesting branches.
  • Monitors stocks arrangement per branch and items for storage and/or subject for return to concerned suppliers
  • Responds to correspondences/queries of different branches/departments.



  • Graduate of a Bachelor's degree of Industrial Engineering or equivalent.
  • With 2-5 years of experience, able to work independently in a year.
  • Preferably Supervisor or Manager/ 5 years and up experienced employees specializing in Logistics/ Supply Chain or equivalent.
  • Inventory management
  • People management
  • Planning and organizing
  • Detail oriented
  • Data management and analysis
  • Ability to exercise judgment and make decisions
  • Time and Motion

Responsible for the entire operations. Implements rules and regulations, ensures that all staff are in compliance with the established procedures and guidelines. Ensures the safety and proper handling of stocks, accuracy of stocks received, delivered and safety of documents, and guarantees that all processed documents are submitted on time to avoid delay.



To lead a team of MM (Materials Management) Champions in analyzing, drafting, configuring, and supporting MM module of SAP ERP system.

  • College degree in IT, Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • At least 2 years of related work experience
  • SAP HANA, MM interface to a legacy system



Site Selection Officer is responsible in delivering quality new branches by means of identifying, assessment, evaluation and market study of potential sites as part business development’s expansion effort. This job involves a lot of travelling in visiting different locations for potential expansion.

  • College Graduate, preferably Business related Courses
  • Ensure to get a prime location in the mall to ensure high brand visibility
  • Evaluates existing trade areas by checking the changes in competitors, traffic generator, traffic behavior and existing major players
  • Identifies untapped markets by conducting assessments like competitors, traffic generator, traffic behavior and existing major players
  • Monitors market development and conducts market study and trade area mapping
  • Gathers information about markets: NBS stores in their current markets, market potentials in non-NBS markets
  • Gathers information about the competitors' (lease term, transaction count, foot traffic) and compares the information with NBS data
  • Identifies which markets will be developed by conducting Site Score Audit to come up with potential growth opportunities for the company



A Programs Officer will be working under a Foundation founded by National Book Store.

  • College Graduate, Any Field
  • 1 year working experience on the same field
  • Has background in Education and/or Social Services
  • Has passion in dealing with children
  • Willing to travel and work beyond working schedule



 The IT Assistant Trainer, under the direction of the Training Supervisor, conducts effective and quality training to all Company personnel. Assures that training offered is designed to promote computer applications that lead to higher achievement levels in employees. Maintains the equipment used in training and ensures that the training goals are met.

  • College Graduate, Any 4-year Degree Course
  • Convenes and delivers training events in a variety of technical subjects as appropriate
  • Conducts technical training sessions to new employees
    -  Orientation
    -  Use of computer and software
  • Advises participants on programs and class policies and procedures, as appropriate
  • Prepares and administers exercises and exams to evaluate participants’ level of understanding on the course taken
  • Writes trainee’s evaluation report
  • Provides advice, guidance and support to employees on specific training and development needs
  • Interacts with technical experts and design course content
  • Assists in writing and creating course materials and other documentation to support user/participant
  • Sets up and monitors training equipment and ensures that equipment is always in serviceable condition
  • Develops and retains an up to date knowledge of current working practices and Technology



  • Graduate of Any 4-year Degree Course
  • Product Specialist Capabilities
  • Knowledge in Excel, with ERP background
  • With knowledge in graphics



Brand Customization Specialist will be responsible for customization machines (operating & maintaining). He/She will engrave information, logos, and other necessary requirements per customer request. He/She must think and execute ways to expand personalization business.

  • College Graduate, preferably Art & Design related Courses
  • 1 year working experience
  • With knowledge and skills of the following:
    -  File Conversion
    -  Photoshop
    -  Corel Draw
    -  Engraving



A Marketing Assistant will be in-charge of answering inquiries and reservations on Facebook (comments, timeline, personal message), Twitter (post to page and direct message), and Instagram (comments and direct messages) and creating

  • College graduate, preferably Marketing and Journalism related courses
  • With good written and verbal communication skills