Dont Mention It Words Kill And Words Hea

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From the time he was editor-in-chief in grade school and was winning declamation contests, Dr. Dupa has been enthralled with the glory of the English word. The love affair went on all the way to his majoring in English in college after his wrestling with other choices. He wanted to be a lawyer like his father, but it wasn't meant to be. If he had been one, he would have ended up writing this book just the same.

He ventured into business (MBA), communication for his (PhD), and psychotherapy, obviously unable to move away from the world of words. And it was getting clearer and clearer to him that some words were not doing good for many people. Some adjectives we learned early in school, he thought, has insidious effects. There was beautiful but there was also ugly. And we were hardly taught to use ugly only for things but not for people. And it goes all the way to these four sets of words that you'll read about:

• Part 1: Unknowingly negative words (How old are you? No problem!)

• Part 2: Negatively low self-esteem (Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm afraid)

• Part 3: Reckless pollutants (Unfortunately, on the contrary)

• Part 4: Toxically negative words (My day was toxic! It's your fault, idiot!)

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