The Enzyme Factor

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He changed the world with the Shinya Technique for removing polyps through an endoscopy instead of invasive major abdominal surgery. Now Dr. Shinya’s discovery of the body’s own “miracle” enzyme could once again revolutionize health care in America. Glowing, vital health is within your grasp, once you understand the key to life’s code—the enzyme factor. This first English-language publication of Dr. Shinya’s groundbreaking theory will convince the skeptical and add to the growing debate about the estate of nutrition and health care. Dr. Shinya shows why.

• Drinking kangen water can help cure obesity

• Antacids will make your stomach worse

• Medications often makes you sicker

• A fever can make you well

• Medical specialization can lead to poor health care

• Heredity does not dictate cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes

• Calcium supplements and dairy products might actually cause osteoporosis

• Your body is designed to heal itself

• Ignorance is making us sick

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ISBN 9788131932704
Book Format Tradepaper
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