Arsenio Lacson Of Manila

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Where are the greats of yesteryear? They are all gone, the political gods and grandees of my time… Those were the days when Lacson was the darling of everybody because he could walk into any crowded room and challenge the nearest bully to a fist fight. An Atenean, he wrote sports with a flourish, a choice of language that was part Runyon, part Lardner, part Gallico, Part Rice, part Considline. But when you summed it up, it was vintage Lacson growling at the world, taking any comer on, and writing about sports as though he owned the language. When finally he decided to become a politician after the Second World War, nobody could match him for wit, for color, for eloquence, for that display of fearless integrity that one hardly sees anymore today. As Mayor, Lacson ran Manila as it had never been run before, as it has never been run since. Try as they did, his enemies could never pin anything dishonest on him, not even President Elpidio Quirino who Lacson at times almost mercilessly lampooned and caricatured. Lacson’s voice rang on every national issue, and when it rang, everybody listened. On such issues, his voice became lofty. It went past overhanging branches to trill at the top of the tree, and you told yourself, hey, this guy could be a great president. What a pity Lacson had to die the time he did. He certainly was headed for the presidency and nobody pitted against him in a presidential election would have shrivelled in chagrin from his barbs. Lacson alive would have been able to thrash Marcos and Macapagal combined. Who knows? Lacson could have been thje greatest president ever if his heart did not give way that summer night. He had everything, or almost everything going for him. His belly lusted for nothing except a good fight. He was as honest as they come, and of course he had vision. He was the quintessential political fighter, always in his corner, waiting for the bell. When that bell rang, you somehow knew that nobody as colourful, as intrepid, as breathless for action and performance, ever stepped into the political ring. Ah, they were men in those days!

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