Our Vision

We will be a globally competitive Filipino company delivering excellent customer experiences through its profitable retail and learning centers and brands.

Our Mission

We commit to:

Our Customers
• Provide the highest standards of customer service
Our Products
• Offer a wide range of relevant and quality products
Our People
• Create programs for the development and advancement of our highly productive employees
Shareholders/ Partners
• Develop mutually beneficial relationships for the welfare and growth of our company, partners and shareholders
Our Community
• Undertake community projects that aim to bring knowledge and learning within reach

75 Years of Endless Discoveries

In its 75 years of success, National Book Store has remained close to the hearts of millions of Filipinos across generations. No matter what point they are in their lives, they will always have a home in National Book Store – for readers, artists, students, professionals, and whole families. National Book Store remains a constant, nurturing the passions and inspiring the growth of every Filipino.

Through the hard work and powerful leadership of Socorro Cancio-Ramos, the late Jose Ramos, and their family, what was once a small stall in Escolta persevered and prospered amidst adversity. Despite their store having been burned to the ground during the Japanese occupation and later ravaged by a typhoon, the Ramoses persisted. They rebuilt their store from the ground up, and in doing so, they took it to heights they once thought were impossible.

Their journey is an inspiration for Filipinos everywhere, and a reminder of the humble beginnings of one of the country's most loved institutions.

An Inspiring Entrepreneur

As National Book Store's founder and chairman, Mrs. Socorro Ramos's entrepreneurial spirit and passion has earned recognition across the country and even from abroad. Such was in 2005 when Ernst & Young bestowed the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines award to her. This was given in recognition of her embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, strategic direction, community/global impact, innovation, and personal integrity/influence. Winning the award is a testament to Mrs. Ramos's dedication to and passion for her life's purpose. It was a defining moment in National Book Store's history that will surely fire the flames for future generations to carry on the company's legacy.

A New Experience

Over the years, National Book Store's innovative and visionary spirit inspired exciting changes to benefit their customers. In the 1990s, the company logo was refreshed to reflect its new identity, featuring a modernized script complemented by a bolder shade of red.

In 2016, a new in-store experience was created through a collaboration with a French design firm. The refreshed layout offer focused on modernity, efficiency, and style. New shelves, display tables, reading lounges, and bars - all of these changes were made to create an even more customer-friendly atmosphere in every branch.

An Enduring Institution

Over 75 years of focused energy has brought National Book Store to where it is now: the pinnacle of the specialty retail industry in the Philippines. Even greater, the National Book Store family takes pride in its role as an institution that supports education and enhances lives by providing the best and widest selection of educational, professional, and social communication products.

The values that took Mr. and Mrs. Ramos through adversity - hard work, shrewd business skills, and social responsibility - remain the driving force for the whole Ramos family and their over 3,000 employees across over 200 branches. Keeping these values in mind and close to our hearts, National Book Store will undoubtedly remain ahead of the curve even in the coming years.